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Phoenix Suns Extend Winning Streak to 3, Defeat Washington Wizards, 104-92

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Phoenix Suns have struggled to play consistently for 48 minutes a game thus far this season.  Despite committing 12 first half turnovers, Phoenix maintained their poise and concentration to stay with the Washington Wizards.  In the second half, better ball control and continued focus allowed Phoenix to build and maintain a steady lead.  As befitting a quality team, the Wizards made some small runs, but Phoenix never blinked.

A balanced scoring effort was led by Markieff Morris and Eric Bledsoe, who each put up 17 points.  4 other Suns scored in double figures, including Goran Dragić with 16 and Gerald Green with 13.  Despite picking up 5 fouls in 23 minutes, Alex Len was a solid contributor, pitching in 8 points, 8 rebounds and 4 blocks.

The Suns played stout defense, holding the Wizards to 41% from the field and a meager 21.4% from downtown.  John Wall struggled to get his 14 points, going only 5-15 from the field.  Rasual Butler (17 points) and Kevin Seraphin (16 points) were Washington's leading scorers, which is probably not how coach Randy Wittman envisioned things unfolding.

Enjoy the streak, Bright Siders!  That's 3 in a row.  The Suns get a night off before traveling to Dallas to facing Dirk Nowitzki and his newest sidekick, Rajon Rondo as well as the rest of the Mavericks back in Phoenix.

First Quarter

* An abysmal start as Phoenix turns the ball over on their first 3 trips down the floor.  Wiz race out to a 6-0 lead.

* 13 of the Wizard's first 15 points have come on lay-ups, dunks or free throws from fouls on lay-ups and dunks.  That's aggressive basketball.

* As of 5:48 in the first quarter, the only remarkable plays by the Suns are 4 turnovers, 3 offensive rebounds, 2 Alex Len fouls, and a partridge breakaway foul in a pear tree committed on Eric Bledsoe.

* Amazing what even a little defense does: 7-0 run by Phoenix has them with in 1 point, 15-14.

* Watch this stat: John Wall and Bradley Beal each have 2 first quarter fouls.

* First quarter Shavlik Randolph sighting.  That rarely bodes well.

* Suns show a little life, but still trail 23-21.

Second Quarter

* Gerald Green gets the party started for Phoenix with a dunk and a 3-pointer for a 2-point Phoenix lead.

* Wait, what?! Plumlee with a 15-footer off the glass.  Suns lead grows a bit to 31-27.

* And a Kevin Seraphin putback and the seventh Phoenix turnover later, we're tied at 31-31.

* Shav Randolph ultimately played 6 first half minutes, totalling 1 point, 1 block and 1 drawn charged.  Good work, Ronald.

* Three pointers and almost-three pointers abound as Green, Marcus Morris and Markieff Morris all hit from long range.  Suns lead, 40-34.

* After attacking the basket to start the game, the Wizards appear to be settling for a lot more jumpers.  As I typed this Paul Pierce drove hard and Kevin Seraphin hammered home a dunk on Pierce's miss.

* Neither team playing their game right now.  This Wizards, the NBA's best 3 point making team has made 1 only one 3 pointer.  The Suns, one of the NBA's fastest breaking teams have 0 fast break points.

* Alex Len just locked up Bradley Beal on the perimeter with some mobile D on a switch. That was nice.  Sadly, he turned it over after a nice offensive rebound on the other end.  Not so nice.

* Kieff with a sweet move that froze Nenê and leads to an easy dunk.

* In the waning minutes of the first half, the wheels come off a bit for Phoenix.  An 8-point lead has dwindled to a tie and Alex Len just collected his 3rd foul.

* I'm not sure if the Suns are hanging with the Wizards or vice versa, but it's all tied up at 50 going into the second half.  If the Suns could have avoided turning the ball over TWELVE TIMES, this game would not be close right now.

* Markieff Morris leads the Suns with 11 points, while Kevin Seraphin (a Rich Paul client who signed a qualifying offer, if you know what I mean) leads Washington with 10.

Third Quarter

* Bradley Beal starts the quarter for the Wizards by committing his third foul.  The Suns respond with a Markieff Morris travel for turnover number 13.

* Goran Dragić and Eric Bledsoe get aggressive with consecutive drives to the hoop.  Bledsoe completes the and-1 for a 55-52 Suns lead.

* Markieff Morris is hitting everything from everywhere.  His 15th point leads to a 5-point Phoenix lead.  A Wizards turnover and Dragić mid-range jumper make it 61-54 Phoenix!

* Alex Len has a great block on Paul Pierce and follows it up with a beautifully assisted dunk from the Dragon!  63-54, Phoenix.

* The Suns stay aggressive and maintain a 10 point lead with contributions from Tucker and Bledsoe.

* Suns smell blood.  Dragić buries consecutive 3-pointers to put Phoenix up 77-64.

* More Shav.  Is this real life?

* Wiz show signs of life and close the gap to 8 points going into the fourth quarter.

* This was the quarter of the Dragon: he scored 12 points and keyed a few breaks.

Fourth Quarter

* After some stagnant play to start the fourth quarter, Marcus Morris answers a John Wall jumper with a wide open three-pointer in transition.  86-77, Phoenix.

* Credit the Phoenix defense: the Wizards are shooting 2/11 from 3 point range despite leading the league in 3 point percentage.

* John Wall picks up his fourth foul with just under 7 minutes left in the game.

* Washington keeps hanging around, but Gerald Green maintains a double-digit lead by completing a 3-point play.  93-82, Phoenix.

* Why doesn't Alex Len play more?  5 fouls in 23 minutes might have something to do with it.

* The Green giveth, the Green taketh away.  On the following possession, Gerald turns it over and fouls Paul Pierce.

* It could be worse.  The Wizards hold Phoenix scoreless for almost 2 minutes, but they can't make their free throws.  Missing three of six in that stretch, they can only cut into the Phoenix lead by 4 points instead of 7.  Phoenix continues to lead, 93-87.

* IT3 stops the madness with a fast break lay-in.

* With 2 minutes left, Eric Bledsoe hits what could be a dagger PUJIT.  Suns by10 with 1:56 left in the game.

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