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Phoenix Suns Player of the Week: Isaiah Thomas Still Chucking, for Better or Worse

In four games against the Thunder, Bucks, Hornets and Knicks, Isaiah Thomas averaged 17.8 points and 3.0 assists off the bench. Is that enough to justify him as player of the week?

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First of all, keep in mind that the new week started yesterday, so the game against the Washington Wizards did not affect my choice for player of the week.

Now, let's focus on this week. I'm assuming that this is going to be my most controversial pick to date. After all, Thomas is widely regarded among posters here as a cancer and a ball hog, who is damaging team chemistry as well as preventing Dragic from fulfilling his true potential.

On the other hand, Thomas was also brought in (on an exceptionally friendly contract, I might add) to score. And right now, he leads the Suns with 22.7 points per 36 minutes, while neither Dragic nor Bledsoe top 18.

Thomas got off to a slow start in his first couple games back from injury, but since then I believe it's fair to say that he has flourished. He posted a combined 65 points off the bench in three games against the Bucks, Hornets and Knicks this week, and overall averaged 17.8 points on 48% shooting from the field and 50% shooting from three-point range.

Perhaps not coincidentally, the Suns won two of those three 20+ point performances. The only loss, which you all can thank Khris Middleton for, can hardly be blamed on Thomas, who shot 6-12 from the field and scored 11 points in the fourth quarter.

Thomas was not extraordinary, but nobody was this week. Bledsoe averaged 15.8 points per game on just 41% shooting from the field, with his best game coming against the Knicks. Dragic didn't even play against the Thunder or Bucks. While Markieff Morris was great against Milwaukee and New York, he was ejected against Charlotte and sat due to foul trouble in Oklahoma City. And Alex Len took the starting center spot over Plumlee, but he is still a work in progress.

Overall, the Suns are now 8-1 when Thomas scores at least 20 points, and the team's average point differential in those games is 9.9.

When Thomas scores less than 15, the Suns are 3-6 with an average point differential of -6.2.

So, is he still a cancer? Should we still trade him for a big man? Does it matter if he's a "chucker" if it helps the team win? And do you feel the same way about Thomas' chucking as you do about Gerald Green's?

Feel free to answer any of those questions in the comments section below. Also, make sure to vote on the poll.

Whether you like him or not, here are his early season highlights.

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