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Solar Flares 12/9: The NBA's Top "Big Three," Tucker Starts Again

Pull the trigger from 19, Miles.

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P.J. Tucker has replaced Marcus Morris in the starting lineup for the Suns. Paul Coro says to get used to it.

Perhaps it's due to that "jolt of intensity" that Tucker brings.

Isaiah Thomas missed Monday's game against the Clippers, his seventh straight, with a right ankle injury.

Phoenix GM Ryan McDonough is pleased with the production the Suns are getting from Miles Plumlee and Alex Len.

Maybe it's the perimeter shot Plumlee has added. After all, he is the best from 15-19 feet on the team. Well, as of December 2nd.

Here's 7 things thinks you don't know about the start of the 2014-15 season. You're pretty smart though, you may already know some of this stuff.

Who wins? Another look at the post-practice dunk contest between Gerald Green and Archie Goodwin.

Goran Dragic is adjusting to his new role with the team, but is still happy in Phoenix.

"They don't play like that. They're so unique. They do have three point guards or three shooting guards, whatever you want to call them. They want to score. It's not like they're running a point guard-oriented offense where one guy is coming down and directing everybody. They're playing at a pace and spreading the floor. I think that's a little easier." Doc Rivers is a fan of what the Suns are doing.

Tim Koors, a photographer for 28 years with The Arizona Republic/The Phoenix Gazette, passed away last week at 58. Koors regularly covered the Phoenix Suns.

Phoenix players and alumni will be participating in the "Season of Giving" campaign that extends through December 23rd. The campaign is comprised of community events and philanthropic initiatives.

The NBA's best and worst "big threes" for your dollar according to Forbes. They think highly of the Suns over there at Forbes.

"There's a reason [police] racially profile us at times. Sometimes it's wrong, sometimes it's right, [but] to sit there and act like we hold no responsibility for some of this stuff, that's disingenuous." Charles Barkley weighs in on the recent events in Ferguson, Missouri.

Random power ranking!

In 2015 Draft Watch News: "If this was the Titanic, I'd go down with that s---," [Kobe Bryant] said of the 2014-15 Los Angeles Lakers. "I'm not jumping off."

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