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Final Score: Phoenix Suns 97, Miami HEAT 103 - This was LeBron's game

The Phoenix Suns fought and clawed, but LeBron James decided he was going to win the game. 36 points, 9 rebounds, 5 steals. Game over.

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Signs the Phoenix Suns really wanted to win this game: Dragic got less than 2 minutes rest. It was the getaway game before a week off for the All-Star Break and possible roster changes due to trades. The coach and players really wanted to show the world they could hang with anyone.

The HEAT without Wade. The Suns without Bledsoe. Each team down one. Who wins?

The Suns won the first quarter. Tied the second. Tied the third.

Rocky vs. Drago.

The big, bad HEAT played stifling defense on Goran Dragic after his 8 first-quarter points.

LeBron James had a great game in all facets, pounding the Suns every chance he got with shots, dunks, steals and rebounds.

He must have thought, at some point, "they are like iron" as the Suns stayed close, even keeping the lead, during his efforts.

But then the Suns began to fold under the HEAT's pressure. The HEAT played tough, trapping defense and the Suns got themselves trapped into no man's land. When they missed, the HEAT ran out on breaks led by LeBron.

The Suns cut the lead to three a couple of times, but then LeBron took over again with jumpers and steals.

This was LeBron dialed in and ready to be the best player in the NBA. This was Miami's defense deciding to play stifling championship defense that's been missing for a long time.

Even Gerald Green's 25 points couldn't stem the tide, despite 20+ leading the Suns to ten straight wins.

Big up to Suns for fighting so hard in this game. Bigger ups to LeBron for being LeBron.

Drago wins this time.

First quarter

The crowd was amped to start the game thanks to the Suns inspired play. It started by forcing a Miami miss and then Dragic drawing the foul on a quick double team at halfcourt. Once the Suns didn't lay down on that, they got their confidence.

Soon it was a 12-0 Suns lead thanks to three layup misses (two by LeBron) and 5-8 shooting by the Suns, including two three-pointers.

Miami called a quick timeout to gather themselves, then went on a strong run by forcing turnovers. LeBron missed the two free throws on a breakaway and then the Suns stopped the HEAT on the possession.

The Suns ran out to an 18-6 lead before Miami remembered they have Chris Bosh. Bosh probably had to be reminded too. The Heat got a couple quick scores before the Suns got untracked again.

Miami called another timeout when the Suns had reached a 25-15 lead with 2:47 left to go. But the HEAT went on a 7-0 run to close out the quarter as the Suns went cold from the three-point line.

9 threes in the first quarter alone. Started hot, ended cold.

Suns by 3.

Second quarter

Miami really slowed the game down and the Suns second unit did not know how to respond. They missed a lot of outside jumpers.

Ish Smith got them back on point with a couple of fast break scores (a layup and an assist) before committing an offensive foul. Then Leandro Barbosa followed that with a fast break layup of his own.

The Suns had a 7 point lead before they reverted back to the Morrii shots and lost momentum. I really prefer Morrii who attack rather than dribble into a contested jumper.

When Miami pulled within one, the Suns had to bring back the Dragon. Still, the Suns struggled to make outside shots even though Miami was basically leaving shooters open to shoot.

But Miami's biggest defensive move was to try to suffocate Dragic with quick double teams while leaving Chris Bosh blanketed on Frye all night to take away two big threats. For the most part, the Suns struggled to score but Ish Smith found his way into some points as "the undefended".

The Suns defended well, for the most part, but let Miami guards drive all the way to rim way too often. Otherwise, the Miami offense really struggled.

Suns lead by 3 at halftime: 46-43

  • Tucker and Dragic lead the Suns with 10 points each
  • Suns shooting only 40%
  • 5 of 15 from three (after making their first two of game)
  • Miami shooting only 38% despite getting a lot of layup attempts. They missed a bunch of easy ones.
  • Teams combined for 6-26 on threes in the first half. Look for that to change.

Second half

This looks to be a hotly contested game. One team is going to start making shots, while the other will continue to struggle. Who will that be?

The Heat usually make more than 50% of their shots, while the Suns are one of the better shooting teams in the league too. Something's gotta give.

In the second half, the Suns came out and made a couple shots but otherwise were not hustling while the HEAT came out on fire and made several shots in a row. Suddenly, it was a 5-point HEAT lead just 5 minutes into the quarter.

The HEAT were rotating Cole, Douglas and Chalmers with tight defense on Dragic to get the ball out of his hands, and it was working. Luckily for the Suns, Gerald Green picked up his shooting (like no one else on the Suns did) and scored 8 points to pull the Suns even with the HEAT three minutes later.

The Suns fought hard and found a way to take a 3-point lead into the fourth quarter.

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