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Thread: The 2014 NBA All-Star Game

How many points will be scored in this game? Does anything else matter?

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

While the Suns do not have any participants in the actual All-Star Game itself, the game is a spectacle anyway.

Don't expect any defense, until maybe the last three minutes if it's close. This is an exhibition and the players treat it as such.

I watched some of the D-League All-Star game yesterday and when Ike Diogu can rumble unopposed to the basket on a pick and roll - the seas parting like he'd laid down his staff beforehand - you know the weekend is not about team play. It's about looking good. A minute later, Diogu let the seas part on the other. Quid pro quo.

So don't look for the best of basketball tonight. Look for the best individual players, and plays.

And ask yourself, which of these players would look best in Phoenix in the next 12 months? Any of them, right?

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