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Thread: Phoenix Suns (31-21) host Bayless, Rondo and the Boston Celtics (19-35)

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Former UA standout but current NBA journeyman Jerryd Bayless generally tries to stick it to the Suns, last time putting up 17 points and dishing 4 assists to help Memphis knock off the Phoenix Suns in US Airways Center.

He said after the game that he got pumped up by the crowd, one or two hecklers in particular.

Let's just have the regular Celtics beat the Suns tonight, okay?

On a side note, I wonder if any of these Celtics will be Phoenix Suns in the next 24 hours?

Pregame quotes:


  • (on struggling in the Denver win) "I think the altitude hit them a bit. The lack of oxygen to the brain and we made a few mistakes. We called some plays, but they didn't even run the right play."
  • (on Boston) "I think tonight, we usually have the advantage maybe with the effort level against team, tonight will be an even game there because they do play hard."

Celtics coach Brad Stevens:

  • "If there was one guy that should have been an All-Star that wasn't, it's [Goran Dragic]. He clearly deserved to be honored for his play."
  • "You talk about GUYS, is there a guy on the team you're playing against - he's a GUY. He's playing like a guy does and that's powerful in this league."
  • "They play nine guys (sometimes Len). Out of those nine, seven shoot it great and the other two are dynamite to the rim. The two that I'm talking about are Plumlee and Ish Smith. The rest of them are very capable of going for big nights behind the arc."

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