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Reign On Phoenix Suns Weekly Heat Check: Gerald Green

The Suns are on a 3-0 win streak since the all-star break, and although a few of those games were a little too close for comfort, the "W" is all that matters. Although every player seemingly had an off game this week, Gerald Green was one of the biggest difference makers.

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The NBA is all about which player and team can rule the court in the most epic fashion and Bright Side of the Sun has teamed up with Crown Royal to rank the best of the best Phoenix Suns players each and every week. Which player(s) ruled the court this week? #ReignOn

Gerald Green aka "Gr33n Light"

Weekly Stat Averages:

Points: 22   FG%: .429   Rebounds: 5

On a team full of surprises, Gerald Green has to be one of, if not the biggest surprise of them all this season.  When Green was initially traded to the Suns along with Miles Plumlee and a first round pick for Luis Scola, most fans and analysts, including yours truly, thought he was basically just a throw in to make the deal work.

Whether or not Ryan McDonough and Coach Hornacek knew what they were really getting, or if they were just as surprised as everyone else is debatable, but one thing we know for sure is that Gerald Green has finally figured it out, and he is proving to be not only a productive player, but a game changer as well.

It seems as though Gerald has finally found a home in Phoenix, after playing for seven different teams in just as many years in the league.  His athleticism, hustle, and deadly three-point shooting have been a perfect fit for the Suns' high-powered offense.

While Green has already posted season highs with the Suns in nearly every category up to this point, it seems only fitting that he finally topped his old career high of 34 points this week as well, scoring 36 points and being the main reason the Suns were able to get an overtime win against the Denver Nuggets.

Not only has Green found a way to contribute to the Suns and help them win by doing what he does best, knocking down quick-release three's, he has also found a way to contribute even when those shots aren't falling.  This is something he was never able to do in the past.

Green had an off-shooting night against the Spurs on Friday, going 0-5 from three and even missing a couple of shots from the free throw line.  Still, he found a way to get inside and score on mostly mid-range baskets to eventually chip in with 13 points in his 26 minutes of play.

Although the Suns have been without their other star guard, Eric Bledsoe, for most of the season now, Gerald Green has helped to keep the Suns' playoff hopes alive.  He and Goran Dragic have created a new back-court tandem, The G-Force, that has been almost as scary for the opponents as the Slash Brothers were.

While Goran Dragic is without a doubt the leader, and the driving force of the team, Gerald Green has been a key part of the Suns' success.  He is having his best stretch of games in his career, and is giving both the fans and the front office another reason to feel optimistic about the future.


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