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Have the Phoenix Suns already written their happy ending?

After last year's 25-57 disaster and three years of declining results, the Phoenix Suns have burst onto the scene with a 33-22 record and a spot in the playoffs if the season ended today. Has this year already been a success no matter what happens in the last 27 games?

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The good guys at posted a roundtable this week, asking the question: Have the Suns already secured their happy ending?

To a man (not being sexist - they were all men in the round table), they agreed that the Suns already met the requirements for a happy ending by far exceeding their expectations this season and still having all the picks and cap space they'd planned for this summer.

Some of them think the Suns will make the playoffs, while others think the Suns will come up short with the toughest remaining schedule of the bubble teams (Dallas, Memphis, Golden State and Phoenix). The only exception was the guy from NBA Australia, who wrote "If the definition is winning a playoff series then no, I don't think they can touch any of the top four teams in the West."

What say you, Suns fans?

With the 33-22 record after 55 games, have the Suns already qualified for happy ending to this season? Last year, the Portland Trail Blazers hung around the playoff picture until the final month of the season, only to end on a 13-game winning streak. That was considered by most in the NBA as an accomplishment anyway.

By contrast, last year the Phoenix Suns were drowning their way to a 25-57 finish that marked the darkest days of the franchise since at least the drug scandal of the 80s.

Assuming the Suns don't completely implode over the next two months, is it a successful season to win 40-45 games but come up just short of the playoffs?

Or have expectations changed so much that it's only a happy ending if the Suns get into the postseason?

Leave a comment and/or vote in the poll.

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