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Update: Dragic to start for Phoenix Suns, while Anthony Davis is a "go" for Pelicans

In advance of the late night game on ESPN, it looks like the Pelicans will play their All-Star after injuring a shoulder in the last game on a rebound attempt, while according to Matt Peterson of Dragic will start.


Based on pregame interviews with the coaches, it looks like the Suns will be overmatched in terms of raw talent tonight on ESPN.

First, Jeff Hornacek expressed pessimism that Goran Dragic would play tonight.

"You know Goran, he is going to want to go," Hornacek said. "Again, we cannot rush him back and have it continue to aggravate. We will try to get an honest answer out of him and see if he will go."

Then, I saw the Dragon walk down the hallway a few minutes later, limping slightly. It was 90 minutes before tipoff.

UPDATE: Per Matt Peterson of, Dragic will start for the Suns tonight. Phew!

To make matters worse, the Pelicans head coach Monty Williams declared Anthony Davis good to go to for the game tonight.

"He'll play tonight," Williams said. "He responded well to yesterday's workout and the shoot around."

On a lighter side, in response to a question whether he would make lineup changes with the Pellies in a 5-game losing streak, Williams said he wanted Tyreke Evans to start "as long as he gets out of the elevator he's stuck in."

Ummm... wut?

"He's stuck in the elevator and they can't get him out," Williams said. "That's life. A bit extreme at times."

did I hear that right?

Williams said he was just being as honest as possible, so that if we saw Evans show up just a few minutes before the game starts not to start rumors that weren't true. Evans has been playing poorly lately, and Williams didn't want that compounded by rumors of not caring enough to get to the arena with other players.

UPDATE: Evans made it to the arena, and will start for the Pelicans along with Davis

So anyway, the Pelicans are going to pull out all the stops to win tonight.

And the Suns might be starless once again.

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