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Gamethread: Dragic, Suns (33-24) host Davis, Evans, Pelicans (23-34) on ESPN

Looks like both teams pulled out all the stops and hustled their players onto the court for a nationally televised game in Phoenix as the Suns face the New Orleans Pelicans in a really-need-to-win-game.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

My guess is that ESPN sent a maintenance truck to the Pelicans' team hotel to #freeTyreke just to get another high quality, name-brand NBA player on the court. At least, that's my guess.

Tyreke Evans will join former Suns starlet Eric Gordon and current NBA All-Star Anthony Davis in the starting lineup against the Phoenix Suns on national TV.

In response, the Suns have turned Dragon mode despite Goran Dragic still limping on his ankle the tiniest bit before the game. Everyone's at least back in their place, as long as Dragic can stay on the floor.

Let's go!

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