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Phoenix Suns Miles Plumlee is a rising star, heading to New Orleans for Rising Stars Challenge

Suns second year center Miles Plumlee has been named to BBVA Compass Rising Stars Challenge, to replace the injured Pero Antic.

Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sport

So Goran Dragic won't be all alone on All-Star Weekend after all.

Well, he wouldn't have been alone anyway, considering he'd planned to take his wife and child with him to New Orleans for All-Star weekend while he participated in the Taco Bell Skills Challenge.

Plus, I will be there covering the event as an "NBA Influencer", sponsored by Crown Royal's 'REIGN ON' campaign.

But still, I'm sure Dragic will be happy to learn that Miles Plumlee will be joining him as well.

Plumlee went from a 55-total-minutes rookie to a starter for every Suns game this season, averaging 9.3 points and 8.6 rebounds in just 27 minutes a night. That's like 40 times more burn than he got as a rookie.

Plumlee replaces the injury Pero Antic for the second-year players, and will join his rookie brother, Mason, for the festivities.

The Phoenix Suns now have two players participating in some kind of All-Star fun, even though neither will play in the big game on Sunday.

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