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Gamethread: Cleveland Cavaliers (24-40) at Phoenix Suns (36-27)

Christian Petersen

Bledsoe is back. Plumlee is healthy (enough). Tucker is out.

Hornacek pregame:

  • (on Eric Bledsoe minutes) "There are no restrictions on him."
  • (on rotations) "It all depends on if there are fouls. Maybe take Gerald out first so we can get Gerald back in to play some three."
  • (on Green at 3) "We will get it going that way when PJ gets back. Maybe there is more of that 3-guard where Gerald and Goran and Eric are there with Ish."
  • (On Tucker suspension) "It is unfortunate when you get taken down and you are trying to protect yourself and you get suspended for that."

Cavaliers coach Mike Brown pregame:

  • (on the Suns) "Because of their ability to score points they're defending just enough to win some ball games so it's going to be a handful for us."
  • (on the last game) "Figure out ways to attack them better and not let them attack us and out in today's game and take care of the areas we didn't do a good job of in the first meeting."

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