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Next Contest! Predict the score of Phoenix Suns vs. Orlando Magic on Wednesday night!

Because the Bright Side matters.

Here we go again!

Thanks to Crown Royal Canadian Whiskey, your friendly neighborhood Suns blog is able to offer some great giveaways to Bright Side readers.

Bright Side started with the giveaways last year, providing game tickets and spending money to three games in March and April of 2013. We gave a game experience to two teens and one Bright Sider. And again last fall, we had a small podcast contest to win Suns swag.

Last week, the contest was conducted on twitter with a lucky fan coming within 2 points of the final score. She won a $100 gift card for the We had more than 30 entrants into the contest, some of them close but none as close as Stephanie.

Next up: Suns vs. Orlando, Wednesday night

For another chance to win a great prize, all you have to do is predict the final score of the Phoenix Suns game versus the Orlando Magic on Wednesday night, March 19.

...on Facebook

This time, it's a Facebook contest. Watch for posts on our Facebook page on Wednesday for how to play the game, including tiebreakers and such.

The contest will be easy, and you know you'll be watching the game anyway!

Choices, choices

The winner of this contest gets two choices for their prize, each more than worthy of the effort it takes to put in a bid:

  1. $100 gift card - you can get any NBA swag you want You can spend the $100 all at once, or spend less and keep the credit on account at for future purchases.
  2. Crown Royal product pack of whiskey - of course, you need to be 21 or older to win this one, but if you are then you can get a sampling of 4 Crown Royal products (750 ml each) delivered directly to your house!

Watch out for more notices here, and on Facebook on Wednesday!


We have NBA sponsor Crown Royal to thank for these giveaways. They really recognize the value of NBA influencers like me and you, the readers.

With the 2013-2014 NBA season in full-swing, Crown Royal is not only looking to pro basketball teams and players that Reign On both on and off the court with greatness, but also to the fans who root for the teams and players day in and day out - those same fans who strive to Reign On in their own lives, in their own right every day.

They've already thanked me with an All-Star experience I will never forget, and now they want to thank you.

So, follow me on twitter and watch out for the announcement of the contests!

Reign On

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