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SunBlast: A new Bright Side Phoenix Suns Mailbag Coming Soon

Toss us your Suns questions, and the Bright Side of the Sun staff will answer the best ones in a weekly SunBlast mailbag.

As the Phoenix Suns continue to climb out of the basement of the Western Conference, and even if they drop back down at some point, we here at Bright Side of the Sun realize the quest for Suns news is insatiable.

I first started blogging several years ago because i just couldn't find enough Suns content each day to make me feel like I had read all there was to read about my favorite team. So why not initiate the conversation, I thought. Writing a blog isn't all about speaking your mind at the expense of the readers. It's more about starting a conversation by giving the reader something they didn't already know.

These days, the group of us who run this blog have topics we want to discuss each week. Jim Coughenour does the weekly 'Going Gorilla'. Kris Habbas covers the week with 'Center of the Sun' and often gives us a roundtable and a podcast. Jacob Padilla hits the nation with 'Around the Association'. Mike Lisboa just joined us again, most notably providing 'Phact or Phiction' on a regular basis as well as a weekly 'Madhouse'. Sean Sullivan is on year two of 'Player of the Week' coverage. Sreekar gives us the occasional 'Solar Flares' As for myself, I pick out random topics every other day or so.

All of those features have something in common: we want to know the answer to something, take a few minutes to research it, and then write an article on it.

But there's just a half-dozen of us writers versus 50-100 regular commenters versus 10,000+ total readers every day.

What does that mean?

That means there's LOT of Suns questions we're not answering every week with our coverage.

Introducing a new weekly (or biweekly) series:

The Sunblast

(or, something better than that if you've got a better idea)

I'd like to put together a weekly mailbag on the Phoenix Suns.

Send me your Suns questions via email and I'll answer the best ones in a regular feature, likely posting on Thursdays or Fridays.

For this inaugural post, coming Thursday, leave me your questions in the comments below. I will do my best to answer the best 5 or 6 questions for a post on Thursday.

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