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Bright Side of the Sun Twitter Contest: Predict the score of the Suns-Wizards game and win a Phoenix Suns "Domo"

We just love giving free stuff away.

The next edition in the series of random Bright Side of the Sun giveaways is a Phoenix Suns "Domo."

What's a Domo, you ask?

Domo is a force of nature and it turns out he's also a basketball fan. In case you're not familiar with Domo, he is the reigning poster child for personalized, user-generated content, finding a home as a pop culture icon within the online viral community with hundreds of thousands of fan-made images, websites and videos posted to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Flickr, among others. Now more than a decade later, the lovable fuzzy brown character's cult status continues to grow with product flying off retail shelves!

How can you win a Phoenix Suns Domo, you ask?

1. You have to be following BOTH of the following accounts on Twitter: @BrightSideSun (that's Bright Side of the Sun) and @sreekyshooter (that's me).

2. Tweet @sreekyshooter with your prediction for the final score of the Suns-Wizards game, who the leading game scorer will be and how many points he'll have. You also have to use the following hashtag: #BrightSideDomo

3. ?????

4. Profit

The person who properly tweets the closest final score prediction (with the leading scorer and points being the tiebreakers, if needed) will win. Remember, you have to be following BOTH Twitter accounts AND you muse use the #BrightSideDomo hashtag.

Get your predictions in by game-time (4pm PT). Win a stuffed toy. You're welcome.

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