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Western Conference Playoff Report: March 29th

Recapping the Western Conference action in the Suns chase for the playoffs

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This is just really fun, huh?  The Suns are winning games, our Western Conference competition is giving up basically no ground, and Bright Side of the Sun is basically throwing back to 2010.  If you are not enjoying yourself right now then there's absolutely nothing I can do for you.

I'm hungover so that's all your going to get for an intro.  If you want more then write it yourself.

Friday March 28th Key Western Conference Results:

Phoenix Suns 112 New York Knicks 88 (Recap) - At the 4 minute mark of the 1st quarter the Knicks led the Suns 22-19 and it looked like defense was going to be optional.  After that point it was pretty much all Suns.  No doubt spurred on by my presence at the game, the Suns led the game by 32 at one point and in a rare (and delightful) change of pace, cruised to victory.  Goran Dragic scored 18 points in the 3rd quarter and then got all lazy and finished with a mere 32 points on 11/17 shooting.  Eric Bledsoe had an Eric Bledsoey box score with 16 points, 7 rebounds, and 6 assists - but he shot poorly so we should trade him back to the Clippers for Jared Dudley and a 2nd round pick.  But if you really want to have some LOLKnicks time feel free to point to the fact that Miles Plumlee played only 23 minutes and managed to post his first double-double since January 27th.  I haven't read the comments from the celebration thread yet but I'm fairly sure nobody pointed out that the universally loved Channing Frye missed all 4 of his shot attempts.

Portland Trail Blazers 91 Chicago Bulls 74 (Recap) -How do you win a game where your leading scorer puts up 16 points and your All-Star forward scores 5?  You play the Bulls offense and watch them go for 74 points total.  Seth Pollack's adopted shaggy haired son scored 13 points on 6 of 9 shooting and added 9 rebounds.  That was enough to overcome a Bulls team which shot a sterling 3 of 17 from three.  After looking like crap for a while the Blazers seem to have righted the ship with a couple wins over Eastern Conference playoff teams.  We'll see for sure on Sunday when Portland returns home to face Memphis.  In case you missed this stat in the comments of an earlier Playoff Report the Blazers have lost 12 straight games to the Top 9 teams in the West.

Golden State Warriors 100 Memphis Grizzlies 93 (Recap) -  Stephen Curry is really good but you knew that already.  The Full Squad State Full Squadiors played with David Lee (hamstring) and had Andrew Bogut for just 4 minutes until the oft-injured Aussie left with a bruised pelvis (which sounds awful).  Despite missing their starting bigs and playing the big man basketball version of Dick Dastardly and Muttley - the Warriors won anyway.  Curry scored 33 points on 13/22 shooting and got help from Marresse Speights (15 on 7/9) and Klay Thompson (sort of - he scored 14 points but did it on 16 shots) in the win.  The Grizzlies led the game by 7 with just 4 minutes remaining but in the exact opposite way which they stormed back to beat the Jazz - the cuddly teddy bears missed their last 7 shots and never scored again.

Current Western Conference Standings:

1.San Antonio
56 16 .778 - 10-0 WON 16
2. Oklahoma City
53 19 .736 3
7-3 WON 1
3. LA Clippers
51 22 .699 5.5 8-2 WON 1
4. Houston 49 22 .690 6.5 7-3 WON 5
5. Portland
47 27 .635 10 5-5 WON 2
6. Golden State
45 27 .625 11 7-3 WON 1
44 29 .603 12.5 8-2 WON 6
8. Memphis
43 29 .597 13
7-3 LOST 1
- Dallas
43 30 .597 13.5 6-4 LOST 1

Saturday March 29th Western Conference Games of Significance:

Kings @ Mavericks - This is the only relevant game on the docket tonight and it's one where I'd be pretty surprised if the Kings managed to pull an upset.  Sacramento hasn't won a game against a member of the Western Conference Top 9 since January 7th - a streak which covers 10 attempts.  So I guess they're due?  At least the ten thousand game homestand the Mavericks are on ends in 2 more games.

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