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Western Conference Playoff Report: March 31st

Recapping the Western Conference action in the Suns chase for the playoffs

Chris Kaman wonders why nobody is guarding him....
Chris Kaman wonders why nobody is guarding him....
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Remember when you were a kid and the worst possible thing your mother could say to you was "I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed."

Well for me personally that doubles as my emotion from last night.  Our plucky band of underdogs have been so impressive, so fun, and so engaged all season that seeing them collapse against a terrible team at the most inopportune time was just one enormous disappointment.

Anyway - they say the best way to get past disappointment is to read a basketball results summary full of throwaway jokes so lucky for you I've made one for you.

Sunday March 30th Key Western Conference Results:

Los Angeles Lakers 115 Phoenix Suns 99 (Recap) - Woof.  The Lakers were on their 3rd game in 4 nights, coming off a road trip that featured a loss to the Bucks and giving up 143 points to the T'Wolves, and without Pau Gasol and pretty much every other player that made them relevant - yet they routed the Suns.  Chris Kaman scored 28 points and grabbed 17 rebounds - something he had literally never accomplished in an NBA game before.  But he did it last night - at the age of 31. Against a Suns team that was playing for their playoff lives.  For the Suns, everyone missed every shot and they all took naps or drank mimosas on the defensive end while day dreaming of a summer beach vacation (depending on the possession of course).

New York Knicks 89 Golden State Warriors 84 (Recap) - The Suns were really the only thing that saved the Full Squaders from the most embarrassing loss of the night.  New York was fresh off getting smoked in Phoenix but managed to come into Full Squad State and defeat the Warriors despite a 7/21 shooting performance from Carmelo Anthony.  The Dubs were without David Lee and Andrew Bogut - a fact no Warriors fan will tell you because they hate excuses but outside of Steph Curry's 32 points (6/12 from three) they got very little production from anyone.  The Knicks used a dominate 34-12 second quarter to take a 12 point halftime lead but in typical NBA fashion this one came down to the wire.  Trailing by 3 with 5 seconds remaining, Curry attempted to pass to Draymond Green but had his pass stolen by Suns legend Shannon Brown - sealing the win for the Knicks.  Yes that's right folks - we're at the point of the season where Shannon Brown is helping our playoff hopes.

Portland Trail Blazers 105 Memphis Grizzlies 98 (Recap) -  3 games ago the Blazers seemed like they were a mess.  3 games ago it seemed like Portland could quite easily free fall their way out of the Western Conference playoff race and into the annals of collapsing legend.  Then they beat Atlanta on the road, then dominated Chicago on the road, and finished it out by pretty much dominating Memphis.  Portland is now 3.5 games clear of falling out of the race with the Lakers, Pelicans, Jazz, and Kings still remaining on their schedule.  I think that means we're done here.  Memphis on the other hand is quite the different story.  After falling to Portland the Grizz have now lost two of those "swing" games in a row (what I'm calling any game between the 5-9 spots in the West) but have Denver and Minnesota on the schedule next.

Current Western Conference Standings:

1.San Antonio
57 16 .781 - 10-0 WON 17
2. Oklahoma City
54 19 .740 3
8-2 WON 2
3. LA Clippers
52 22 .703 5.5 8-2 WON 2
4. Houston 49 23 .681 7.5 6-4 LOST 1
5. Portland
48 27 .635 10 6-4 WON 3
6. Golden State
45 28 .616 12 6-4 LOST 1
44 30 .595 13.5 8-2 LOST 1
8. Dallas
44 30 .595 13.5
6-4 WON 1
- Dallas
43 30 .589 14 6-4 LOST 2

Monday March 31st Western Conference Games of Significance:

Grizzlies @ Nuggets -  This is the only one tonight.  The Nuggets have been playing respectable ball since Ty Lawson returned from injury (7-7 with wins over the Clippers and Mavericks) but you've got to think they're hitting the point of their season when various key players will be resting with maladies such as scurvy or legionnaires disease.  Denver is better at home and I think it would be pretty swell if they were to hold off Memphis tonight but road game or not playoff teams usually win games like this, right?  Too soon?  With a win Memphis can force and three way tie with the Suns and Mavs for 7th.

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