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Phoenix Suns Podcast Episode 53: Double-Dippin' with Nate Parham and Amin Elhassan to talk Warriors, Suns, point guards, and analytics

The 80's and Volkswagen are both going to appreciate the intro to this weeks podcast, which only gets better as you listen to it thanks to our two special guests... Give it a listen, will ya?

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

The Pacific Division is the best division in the NBA at one thing in particular. Can you guess? Well, here is a hint: Look at the picture above.

This season the play of Goran Dragic and Stephen Curry has been on a level that insights "MVP Consideration Conversations" and that is worth noting. Last year Dragic got his starting opportunity and the team was unsuccessful while Curry and his Warriors were basically doing what the Suns are doing this year. Winning.

In Part One Nate Parham of Golden State of Mind joins the conversation to talk about that and more.

Listen Here: Phoenix Suns Podcast Episode 53 Part One ft. Nate Parham

Also, this past weekend the 2014 MIT Sloan Analytics Conference went down and friend of the podcast, ESPN Insider Amin Elhassan, was in attendance. He talks about his favorite moments, what he learned, and what analytics are still lacking at this stage in their development.

Listen Here: Phoenix Suns Podcast Episode 53 Part Two (Amin Elhassan)

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