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Gamethread: Go Lakers!

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

I know this may feel like sacrilege, but the Phoenix Suns really, really, really need the Los Angeles Lakers to finish their home schedule with a win to give their fans a warm fuzzy for the summer... and help the Suns get closer to the playoffs despite losing two straight games.

The sitch

See, the Lakers play this little team called the Memphis Grizzlies. The Grizzlies have the same number of wins as the Suns (47), but three games remaining vs. the Suns' two games.

Because the Grizzlies won the season series from the Suns, the Suns have to finish with MORE wins than the Grizz. That would require the Suns to win both of their remaining games, one of which is against the Grizz, while the Grizz lose at least two of three.

While the Suns can take care of one of those losses, someone else has to take care of the other.

The options are the Lakers and the Mavericks. But since the Suns dream scenario includes beating the Grizz, the Mavericks will have already sewn up the 7th seed before the two teams play on Wednesday night. That means the Mavs will (a) likely rest some guys and (b) lose the game, no matter what since the Mavs won't care about the outcome.

The Lakers

Unfortunately, the Lakers are running a bit short-handed. Even more short-handed than two weeks ago when the Suns laid an egg in the Staples Center and left with an embarrassing loss.

They have since lost Chris Kaman, who put up All-Star numbers in that game against the Suns - 28 points, 17 rebounds, 6 assists. But even more disappointing, they have lost 6 straight games since beating the Suns and declaring themselves 'haters' and threatening to beat a number of playoff hopefuls.

They have lost to the Blazers, Mavericks, Clippers, Rockets and Warriors over the past two weeks. Unfortunately, it appears the only team they'd negatively impacted is the Suns. :(

The Lakers do have a bit of incentive to win because tonight is their last home game of the year, and they get a chance to mess up another team before bowing out and going on vacation early.

Lakers - Grizzlies

The Lakers have played the Grizzlies tight all year - losing by 3 in November, winning by 4 in November, and then losing by just 5 in late February.

Root for the Lakers tonight, as they try to go out with a bang!

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