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Gamethread: Phoenix Suns (47-33) vs. Memphis Grizzlies (48-32) for the last marble

The Suns need this win to stay alive for the playoffs. The Grizzlies need this win to cement their playoff spot. Who will play the better game?

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

It might not be a good night for the Phoenix Suns. Not only are the Grizzlies a really bad matchup, the Suns players are still down from the weekend losses and Goran Dragic's still-painful ankle.

Hornacek pregame:

  • (on Dragic ankle) "It's not a whole lot better. He's played with it before, he makes no excuses, he'll go out there and play his best."
  • (on how to beat Memphis, against whom the Suns are 0-3) "Well thank goodness Gasol is playing! We lost three times to them and he hasn't played in any game yet."

At least Hornacek still has his sense of humor.

Memphis coach Dave Joerger pregame:

  • (on the game, a chance to solidify playoff chances) "We're excited. The end is in sight. We're just going to go out there and play as hard as you can for every minute that you can and see what happens."
  • (on beating the Suns 3 times already) "We kind of got in a rhythm and we got them to play our style. Who influences the game the most with their style is going to win tonight's game."

With the Suns still being down after the weekend losses and Memphis being up and excited... this could get ugly.

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