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Phoenix Suns Podcast Episode 54: Circling the conversation back to Eric Bledsoe and Jared Dudley with Clipper Steve

Hey, look... A podcast!

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Without further ado it is time for some Phoenix Suns podcast again! Who is excited?

In this weeks edition Clipper Steve (Steve Perrin) joins the show again to talk about the success of the Los Angeles Clippers as one of the best in the west. The conversation dips and dives around the Jared Dudley-Eric Bledsoe trade, hindsight, dangerous playoff teams, and Steve's irrational fear of Grizzlies. The Memphis variety.

All in all we keep circling the wagons back around to the topic that remains relevant from the beaches of LA to the deserts of the PHX: Who won the trade?

Click here to listen to the full show: Phoenix Suns Podcast Episode 54 (Clipper Steve)


Sorry Clips Nation for calling you Clippers Blog at the end there. In my defense, Steve left me high and dry at the end with the difficult responsibility of remembering the name of his website. Dangerous waters.

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