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SunBlast - get your questions in now!

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Toss us your Suns questions, and the Bright Side of the Sun staff will answer the best ones in a weekly SunBlast mailbag.

If you're anything like me, you're thinking about Phoenix Suns basketball every day, but not much is happening to satisfy that thirst for news. It's a long dry spell before the Suns play another game.

We've got a week or so till the lottery happens (Suns have a 1.5% chance of moving up from 14 into the top 3), 6 weeks till the Draft, 7 weeks till free agency, 16 weeks till voluntary workouts, 20 weeks till preseason and 24 weeks till Opening Night.

In the meantime, we preview the draft and free agency and try cover every available angle on the team we love.

But you've got endless questions about the Suns we're not even considering.

Post your questions!

Tomorrow, I will be posting round two of the Bright Side mailbag. Post your questions in the comments section, or hit me up with an email, tweet or facebook post.

We here at Bright Side try to cover all the angles, but there's just a half-dozen of us writers versus 50-100 regular commenters versus 10,000+ total readers every day.

What does that mean?

That means there's LOT of Suns questions we're not answering every week with our coverage.