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Phoenix Suns Podcast Episode 56: (Over) Reacting to the NBA Draft Lottery

Yup, time for three guys to talk about a lottery and some basketball... Get your POPCORN!!! Oh, and it is always about Kevin Love here in Phoenix as you already know.

Andrew Richardson-USA TODAY Spor

If the status quo happens when there is potential for greatness should anyone be disappointed? If a tree falls in the woods and nobody is there to hear it did it make a sound...?

Enough with rhetorical question roulette and on to the Phoenix Suns who sent twin magic to the NBA Draft Lottery in New York in an attempt to move up into the Top 3 of the 2014 NBA Draft. That did not happen as the Suns stayed put, as every team in the history of the No. 14 Overall Pick has done before them, and will be picking at 14, 18, 27, and 50 in the upcoming draft. So, again, the status quo thing.

Dave, Jim, and I hash out potential scenarios, trades, draft picks, rumors, and more as we three-man-weave ourselves through this episode of the podcast.

  • 1:00 Reaction to the Cleveland Cavaliers winning the lottery, again...
  • 10:40 Can the Suns trade up to No. 1 Overall?
  • 20:25 What trade value does the No. 14 Pick have? Plus, the Los Angeles Lakers are going to continue being bad...
  • 26:20 What position should the Suns target at No. 14 if they keep the pick?
  • 31:35 Dave brings up the mysterious "Elfrid"
  • 32:40 Kris rants on drafting a two-way wing
  • 35:10 Kevin Love
  • 42:30 Addressing the Rumor Mill
  • 46:50 Parting Shots

Listen Here: Phoenix Suns Podcast Episode 56: Reacting to the NBA Draft Lottery

New Link if original is not working: Phoenix Suns Podcast Episode 56: Reaction to NBA Draft Lottery2