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Spur'd Again: R.C Buford wins NBA Executive of Year over Suns GM Ryan McDonough

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Welp, looks like it's the year of Lifetime Achievement Awards. Two weeks after Gregg Popovich beat out Jeff Hornacek for Coach of the Year, Spurs GM R.C. Buford wins Executive of the Year.


San Antonio Spurs GM R.C Buford won the Executive of the Year award this season over Suns GM Ryan McDonough.


One guy brought back 9 of his top 10 rotation players from an NBA Finals team to win another 62 games this season and survive a 7-game scare in the opening round from the #8 seed.

The other guy replaced 7 of his top 10 rotation players from the worst team in the West to win 48 games this season and miss the playoffs by just one game, while also keeping his cap sheet clean and adding two more #1 draft picks in the 2014 Draft.

Of course, the first guy wins the Executive of the Year award because... he didn't blink? Because he was smart enough not to break up an NBA Finals team?

Okay, I'm being harsh here.

But Buford's win screams of a lifetime achievement award, which is fine if that's what you're going for. But he did all of his heavy work in prior years, and established a culture of everyone staying.

His biggest acquisitions in the offseason were Marco Bellinelli to replace Gary Neal, and the addition of Jeff Ayers to play some minutes as the fifth big man.

Of course.

Spur'd again.