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Solar Flares 6/10: Phoenix Suns tendrils stretch far and wide

Archie's just a kid!

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After working out Travis Wear and Kyle Anderson from UCLA, Justin Cobbs from Cal and Mike Moser from Oregon, GM Ryan McDonough said Monday "felt like a Pac-12 All-Star game." Oh, if that were only a thing.  Oh my god it is a thing.

A power forward?? Kevin Love's a power forward!!

The Kevin Love to anywhere conversation has reached a fever pitch.  No one more deftly realizes that he could unintentionally speculate as to Love's plans and then deflects than Ricky RubioHe had this conversation on a string.

We have to remember that Archie Goodwin is a teenager, and mistakes will happen. Mistakes like disorderly conduct.  Mistakes like resisting arrest.  Mistakes like skating rinks in Little Rock, Arkansas.  Reports that the police department is investigating the victim for flopping are unconfirmed.

University of Arizona guard Nick Johnson is "happy to be home." Though I'm sure he'd be just as happy in Atlanta, Boston, Oklahoma City, Orlando or Toronto if it meant comboguarding for big bucks.  He can thank those practices with Rex Chapman as an 8 year old.

For those concerned with veteran leadership and a vocal leader for the Suns, Shawn Marion doesn't seem opposed to another season in Phoenix. He refuted early reports that he would like to retire as a Maverick.  He said he'd like to retire in Dallas after his playing days.  Obviously after he's won another ring with the Suns.

While you sleep forces are conspiring to make your live Phoenix Suns experience more expensive.

I hope Alvin Gentry and Tyronne Lue took the same flight. I hope they tried to outdo one another with the, "oh you'd be great for that job" routine.

The Gorilla did some good. I'm sure the dancers helped even more.

And since you're thinking about the dancers now.

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