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Bright Side Blows Up!

The Bright Side of the Sun writing staff is nearly doubling in size! Check it out.

Mark Kolbe

Remember when I posted an article about 10 days ago asking for new writers for Bright Side of the Sun? I mentioned that I only needed 1 or 2 new contributors because we already have eight contributors on staff besides myself.

Our current All-Star cast of writers includes Sean Sullivan, Kris Habbas, Sreekar, Mike Lisboa, Scott Howard, Jacob Padilla, Jim Coughenour, Bryan Gibberman and East Bay Ray.

Adding 1 or 2 writers? Well, apparently I was aiming really low.

I got 26 requests to join the staff and most of you wrote at least one fanpost as your official application for the job. I am floored. Everyone knows its a non-paid endeavor, yet still you want to join the staff. That's incredibly awesome.

After whittling down the applicants on various measures -- current and past fanposts, other experience (blogging elsewhere before) and other skills (school) -- I decided I can't just add 1 or 2 new writers.

We are adding as many as SEVEN new writers

Almost every person on the current staff has a regular, full time job or is going to school or both. We don't have time to be as creative as we want, so I decided it's time to expand the team and let everyone have their own niche. Less pressure, more creativity, more fun!

Here's the list of new writers, along with their primary focus:

  • Geoff Allen (gallen89) - BAKERSFIELD JAM COVERAGE
  • Keith Scheessele - SOLAR FLARES + various unique, creative weekly features
  • Austin Elmer - Bright Side staff mock draft and predictions, rookies, draft coverage**
  • Garrett Benson (therealbenson) - PODCASTS, EDITING
Everyone on staff will write regular features on Suns topics and help cover breaking news as it breaks, including rumors and free agency and trades and such.

We don't even have to stop there. I couldn't pick everyone. I am sorry that I couldn't accommodate all 26 applicants but I had to stop somewhere. Please don't be offended or disappointed if you didn't get the call.

If you're still interested, hit up the fanposts on a regular basis and Rollin and I will continue to promote the best ones to front page. I'd be happy to add more folks in the future.

Welcome to the staff, guys!

With all these new writers, we might have to rename the site to 'Bright Side Plus!'

**Bright Siders, help me talk Austin into managing this year's BRIGHT SIDE COMMUNITY MOCK DRAFT! It's a lot of work, as Sreekar knows from last year, but it's a ton of fun.

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