Ukraine will not host the FIBA Eurobasket 2015

Christof Koepsel

FIBA Europe's announcement came following a meeting of the new FIBA Europe Board in Munich, which has decided that it is no longer feasible to stage the tournament due to the ongoing political situation and security issues in Ukraine, despite assurances from the Ukranian Basketball Federation.

Ukraine's ability to host the event has been in question ever since the start of the political unrest which escalated to Russia annexing the Crimea region and there is still no end in sight.

After some conflicting statements coming from the Ukrainian organising committee, the decision was finaly reached by FIBA Europe after "careful consideration" to move Eurobasket 2015 to another locaion.

It is believed that France, Italy, Greece, Poland, Czech Republic, Serbia, Austria, Croatia and Germany are among countries who would be interested in staging the event and will have a chance to submit all the required official documentation by July 31.

FIBA also says it has started negotiations with Ukraine for the possibility of hosting the the 2017 Eurobasket, but certain conditions will have to be met first (no elaboration on that).

The new host of the 2015 Eurobasket will be known by September 30, at the latest.

Along with a change in location, there will also be a change in rules first implemented at the 2015 Eurobasket, which will come as a blessing to our very own Goran Dragic and Alex Len, should he ever play for Ukraine again:

The second-stage rounds will be scrapped, effectively qualifying the teams for the knock-out after the first group stage.This is an expected change, as the current format was too long and also very hard on the players (remembering Goran after the last game of 2013 Eurobasket, the dude was spent), and FIBA continuously refused to expand the maximum quota of active players for the tournament, which would be another way of dealing with the burden of games.

The 2015 Eurobasket is scheduled to begin on September 5th, 2015, the only question that remains is where.