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Solar Flares: 6/17 Phoenix Suns Summer Plans Across the Organization

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It's Alex Len, it's Archie Goodwin, it's the Summer League slate!

The Suns are interested in Kyle Anderson as 'a player.' Just in case you thought it was as a ball boy.  Or they were thinking of a front office position.

In Donald Sterling's world discrimination based on race is fine.  But don't you dare deny women the right to handle t-shirt cannons or do trampoline dunks at Phoenix games.

And if that doesn't get you sufficiently fired up, remember this P.J. Tucker/Blake Griffin scuffle from last March!

Tired of draft time cliches and intangible talk?  Shabazz Napier has the 'now' factor.

Are you a free agent?  Check out these Phoenix Suns job opportunities.

The failure of air conditioning units and a LeBron James cramp was the top story for Game 1 of the NBA FinalsYour Suns have played in similar conditions. "The only cramp was one of the brain variety suffered by referee Richie Powers."

Hungry? STAT's got you covered.

Former Sun Shannon Brown is following in the footsteps of former Sun Shaquille O'Neal and going back to school. Well, sort of.

How the team dentist of your Phoenix Suns moonlights.

And the Gorilla has expanded his resume as well.  To funerals.  Well maybe one day perhaps.

Multiple Suns, past and present, were in Philadelphia last week for "The Basketball Tournament." It's one of the top basketball competitions you've never heard of, and it features varying skill sets.

And my sincerest of apologies for getting this far and not including a Kevin Love reference.

Ricky Rubio has come up with a fantastic pitch to keep Kevin Love in Minnesota.  It's to tell him a bunch of things he already knows.  "We've been improving every year and he's a great player."

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