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Suns Rumors: Suns Are In For Another Crazy Offseason

A collection of all the rumors and speculations swirling around the web, including trades and free agent signings.

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The finals are over and tis' the season for rumors. The Suns came out of the blue last year and nabbed Eric Bledsoe, Gerald Green, Miles Plumlee and multiple draft picks. Everyone is wondering what type of magic McDonough can conjure this offseason. This article will contain likely and unlikely scenarios. Let us begin.

LeBron James opts out of his contract in Miami and signs with the Suns. (Unlikely)

As good of fit as it seems, LeBron likely won't be playing in Phoenix next year expect for the opposing team. We won't know too much else on this topic till LeBron decides to opt out of his contract or not.

The Suns don't keep their three, first round picks. (Likely)

McDonough has stated in multiple interviews that the plan is not to draft three rookies. Expect some sort of trade involving picks to happen around draft day.

Kings send Isaiah Thomas and the 8th pick to the Suns for Eric Bledsoe (Next to Impossible)

This trade is not even possible. Both are RFAs, meaning their teams cannot trade them during the draft. And, because they are RFAs they each have the right to sign with any team, not the team they are told to sign with. So even if the Kings were dumb enough to draft "for the Suns" on June 26 with the hope this trade could happen, the players themselves are very likely to say "no thanks".

Also, Thomas (5'9") makes the Suns backcourt smaller than it already is and he doesn't have the defensive and rebounding mindset of Bledsoe. This trade only makes sense if the Suns are immediately flipping it into another deal.

The Suns Re-sign Eric Bledsoe to a max deal. (Likely)

Bledsoe showed star potential last year by averaging 17.7 ppg, 4.7 rpg, 5.5 apg, and 1.6 spg. The Suns have made their intetions known earlier in the season that they would match any offer Bledsoe received in free agency. The only way the Suns don't resign Bledsoe is if they see his injuries as too much of a risk. Bledsoe only played 43 games last season due to injury.

The Suns Trade for Kevin Love (Unlikely)

As much as I wish to see Love in a Suns jersey next season, it's not likely to happen. The Suns have good assets to trade for Love, a multitude of draft picks over the next few years and Bledsoe or Dragić. But, Love has shown no interest in wanting to play in the desert. With the lack of a guarantee that Love will sign an extension it is hard seeing the Suns give away as much as Minnesota would ask for Love, for a one-year rental. On top of that, other teams such as Golden State have stated per sources at ESPN that they would be willing to give up Klay Thompson and David Lee to acquire Love.

The Suns re-sign P.J. Tucker (Uncertain)

The Suns have stated they want to re-sign Tucker quickly in free agency. But if a trade were to happen before free agency hits, the Suns may not be able to pay Tucker the money he deserves. There will also be plenty of other suiters for Tucker who will most likely pay more than the Suns are willing to for Tucker. Tucker is known to love PHX and wants to re-sign here. At this point, the idea of Tucker playing in a Suns uniform next season is still up in the air.

"It's like the best and worst situation," Tucker said. "I know I'm going to be in a better position business wise, but maybe I have to go to a team that's not so good. You never know. It's kind of scary, especially going through this for the first time so late in my career. They've talked to me and said they want to have me back. I think that's great, and I'm excited about seeing what happens." via

Carmelo Anthony opts out (Very Likely) signs with the Suns (Unlikely)

Put simply, Chicago and Houston are Melo's top destinations at this point in time. But I guess anything is possible.

The Suns move up in the draft (Uncertain)

The Suns have assets to move up in the draft but it is hard to know when to move up or not. McDonough stated it best.

"How high we can get we probably won't know until right before the draft or after the draft starts and we're on the clock to see who starts coming off the board." McDonough also stated, "But we don't want to do it (trade up) just for the sake of doing it and give up an asset and say, 'Aw, shoot . . . that guy we moved up to get would have been there at 14 anyway,' and we could have kept the pick or the player or what have you." via

Look for more Suns rumors and speculations throughout the offseason.

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