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Stein: Channing Frye 99% Chance To Enter Free Agency

Channing Frye has until Monday to officially decide whether to pick up his option for 2014/15. According to ESPN, he will decline the option and enter free agency.

Christian Petersen

According to ESPN's Marc Stein, there is a "99% chance" that Channing Frye will forgo the final year of his contract and leave $6.8 million on the table to enter free agency.

The Warriors are already being named as a potential suitor. It was Steve Kerr that initially brought Channing to the desert in 2009, where the big man found his niche as a long-distance sharpshooter.

Obviously Channing values the years over the dollars. He won't be likely to land $6.8 million a season, but at 31 years of age this could be his last chance for a multi-year contract.

Hopefully he and the Suns can work something out. Personally, I'd rather not find out the hard way just how replaceable he is on the floor, not to mention in the locker room.

Updates to come.

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