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Bright Side After Dark Episode One

Sreekar, Scott Howard and Bryan Gibberman discuss the Kevin Love rumors, what the Suns should do with their three first round draft picks and the stupidity of not wanting LeBron James on your team.

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Well we did it.  The podcast nobody asked for is finally here.  If you're a loyal Twitter follower of Bryan Gibberman, Scott Howard, or Sreekar [last name redacted] then you probably saw this coming.  If you're not on Twitter - then we apologize in advance for what is almost certainly the worst surprise of your evening/morning.  

If you click the button to play this thing you'll find us covering all the hot topics - how we came up with this brilliant idea (spoiler alert - Goldberg from The Mighty Ducks is heavily involved), the Suns draft, Kevin Love trade rumors, Iman Shumpert, Channing Frye, and we pay heed to King James I of America.  

There are puns, rants, smiles and possibly even cheap hard candy. As summits go it isn't exactly the Yalta Conference but we had a little fun with it.   

So if you like smart ass snark monsters who are pretty good at stepping all over each other - then this is the podcast for you.  Welcome to Bright Side......After Dark.  

Listen here:

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