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Solar Flares: 6/24 Draft Week Disagreements!

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Draft talk is all the rage these days.  Keep the picks, trade the picks, Kevin Love, power forward, guards despite the the apparent interest in keeping both Eric Bledsoe and Goran Dragic long term.  Suns fans are officially basketball atheists.  The only thing we know, is that we don't know.

Or as Ryan McDonough put it, "It's an inexact science." Perhaps that's something to remember the next time you're tempted to pat yourself on the back for being a wizard at the NBA trade machine.

But as long as none of us can agree, and the mock draft is the offseason addiction no hoops fan can resist, enjoy binge mock drafting.

In any event, within many circles, the Love to Phoenix train seems to be losing steam everyday.

Even if ESPN analyst Chris Broussard disagrees.

Now that you've absorbed all that, here's a reason to completely rethink your strategy.

When you do sit down on Thursday for the NBA Draft, here's a new way to watch.

Lastly, do your homework, and submit your very best guess to win Suns prizes, and attend a draft party in downtown Phoenix.

Other Non-Draft Stuff:

One take on where the black Suns jersey ranks on the all-time list. I'm partial to the purple myself.

Former Suns are joining forces in the Pacific Division.

A high-flyer from the 1993 Suns squad that reached the NBA Finals has hit new lows as of late. Actually eight new lows.

While the Big Shaqtus is into considerably different activities.

And really the only way to end Solar Flares.  Enjoy.

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