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Phoenix Suns select Bogdan Bogdanovic with the 27th pick in the 2014 NBA Draft

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

I don't know much about this guy, but here he is.

The draft-and-stash.

Our own guy pece knows a bit though:

Bogdan is Serbian and he played for Partizan in Adriatic league and in Euroleague from 2010th. He was good last year and made a breakthrough in Eurobasket last summer. This year is his best season in which he was also proclaimed as Euroleague Rising Star.

Bogdanović is on the level of Šarič if we analyses his current contribution. With 21 years he is already in top statistical positions in regional Adriatic league and Euroleague. In Adriatic league he is 8th in total index, 5th in points, and 9th in assists. In Euroleague he is 36th in index, 13th in points, and 24th in assists.
His measurements of 6'6'' put him on SG position although this year because of the injuries in his team, he had to play also on PG position. His performance was satisfactory, but combo position is probably not an option for NBA - at least for now.


Defense is not his weakness, he is considered a 2 way player. He is quick with 6'11'' wingspan, which he know how to use - he was 4th in Euroleague in steals (1,57 per game) and 8ht in fouls drawn (4 per game). He was also one of the best defensive players in Euroleague.

Read a LOT more on pece's article: EU prospect Bogdan Bogdanovic to get excited about this kid.

And here's a video:

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