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WojBomb: Phoenix Suns to pursue LeBron/Carmelo Partnership

According to Adrian Wojnarwoski, the Phoenix Suns are going for the whole enchilada

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We here at Bright Side have been touting LeBron James to the Phoenix Suns for a while now, and we believe that the Suns offer the best combination of present and future for LeBron.

Link: WojBOMB

Armed with an offer that no else in the NBA can make - a chance to partner with Carmelo Anthony on an instant championship contender - the Phoenix Suns are planning an aggressive pursuit of LeBron James on Tuesday, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

Suns officials understand the bid will be something of a long shot, but are determined to get a meeting with James to convince him how the possibilities of two full max contracts, a roster stocked with talented, young players and the chance to pick the superstar free-agent partner of his choice ought to make Phoenix one of his most appealing suitors.


The Suns' flexibility allows for James to pick any free agent - this summer or next - for himself. It could be Anthony or Chris Bosh this summer, Kevin Love next summer.

If its pairing LeBron with Kevin Love (via trade this year, or free agency next summer), Carmelo Anthony (free agency) or Chris Bosh (free agency), the Suns have the assets and cap room to not only make it work but give LeBron his best combination of young talent in his entire career.

The Suns would instantly become a title contender with LeBron and any second star and have so many assets they could surround him with young talent for the rest of his career.

The Suns currently have four players 20 years old and younger (Warren, Ennis, Goodwin and Len) and half dozen mid-20s players. No one on the roster would be older than 29 next year (Gerald Green).

Make it happen, McBabbaRobacek!

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