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Phoenix Suns Workout #6: Jerami Grant, Shabazz Napier, Glenn Robinson III

The Suns hosted another workout with multiple prospects who could be drafted in mid to late first round. Here's the scoop.

Jamie Squire

Today, the Suns hosted their 6th workout with a few first round prospects, and also some with the potential to be undrafted free agents.

In this group was another six players, evenly split between the positions...two point guards, two wings, and two bigs.

The most notable prospects in attendence were Shabazz Napier (PG, UCONN), Jerami Grant (SF/PF, Syracuse), and Glenn Robinson III (SF, Michigan).  Other attendees included Cameron Bairstow (PF/C, New Mexico), Joe Jackson (PG, Memphis), and Ronald Roberts Jr. (PF, Saint Josephs).

Here is what was said:


Ryan McDonough

On today's group

"They looked good...It was an older group today. Yesterday we had a lot of freshman, today we had more seniors in. The guys played could see the difference. Yesterday’s group, I think, you saw the potential. In today’s group we had a lot of production."

On Shabazz Napier

"I think having the ball in your hands as much as Shabazz had it in his hands at UConn is invaluable experience.  I think his college career nowadays is really rare.  As a freshman he was a complementary player kind of backed up Kemba Walker, this year he was obviously the guy.  We place a value on winning. I think, of the guys in the draft, he’s probably one of the most ready to come in and make an impact right away."

On Jerami Grant

"I think it was hard to evaluate him as a shooter in the season, just because he really didn't get a lot of spot up opportunities.  We knew he could roll and finish lobs, and finish around the rim.  His length and athleticism are pretty freakish.  He had some really impressive finishes over the top, today, and made a few athletic plays that no many guys can make, especially at that age.  The transition from the power forward to the small forward is a difficult one, and sometimes can take a few years...but he has the physical tools.  He has the length, athleticism, and bounce to make that work. "

On Cameron Bairstow

"He stood out in the workout.  He was a guy who got better every year, especially this year. I saw big improvement from him at New Mexico. Just his knowledge of the game and his physicality, I think, stood out. He sets good screens. He knows when to duck in and seal his guy when he gets up behind him around the basket. He just knows how to play. He’s kind of got that Aussie toughness, too. Those guys are pretty tough dudes."

Jeff Hornacek

On Napier and Robinson

"Glenn can really stroke the ball...good shooting.  Shabazz I thought overall with his speed, quickness, and conditioning, I thought was really good for our style...that's what we want to see."

On Jerami Grant's Shooting

"He's the first one to say 'I'm working on that part of my game'.  It might take him a few years to get out there, but I think at some pointhe could even be a stretch-four guy, as long as he keeps working on that shot."

Jerami Grant

On Shooting ability:

"It definitely needs to get better...It's improving, but it definitely needs to get a lot better in order to play in the NBA, but I definitely think it's getting there."

On fit with Suns:

"I think my athleticism fits in well with the organization...being able to run the court, being an athletic wing, I think it definitely fits in with this organization."

Shabazz Napier

On the Suns' staff:

"They're great...they're great guys.  This is a great organization, you know, it speaks for itself...they're people who're going to push you.  At the end of the day, if you believe you want to be the best at whatever you do, no matter if it's sports or in life, you want somebody to push you, you want somebody to motivate you, and that's exactly what they do."

On advantage of experience:

"The four years gave me the most experience that I can say that no one else has in this draft.  I was there for the good times and the rough times...As a point guard, you're the general on the court so you can emphasize whether you win games or lose games, so you experience a lot."

*As for Glenn Robinson III, our own Bryan Gibberman will be posting a separate piece exclusively about him for that!

Prospect Profiles:

Another workout coming tomorrow...stay tuned.

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