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Phoenix Suns Pre-Draft Workout #10: Kyle Anderson, LaQuinton Ross, C.J. Fair and more

The Phoenix Suns held their 10th pre-draft workout, marking 60 players to hit the US Airways practice floor in the past two weeks. With only 60 picks in the NBA Draft, and the Suns owning just 4 of them, the team has run the gamut of just about every player on their board now.

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Today, the Phoenix Suns worked out several guys whose odds are against them in getting called by the Phoenix Suns on draft night. The Suns have already seen nearly all the guys in their draft range, with today's Kyle Anderson visit nearly closing that loop.

Kyle Anderson was the "headliner" as the highest rated player in the group, with other interesting prospects like C.J. Fair, Mike Moser and LaQuinton Ross along with Justin Cobb and Travis Wear.

Anderson is a 6'9' point guard from UCLA who is a great passer, good shooter and quality rebounder but does not have great athleticism and plays at a slower pace than the Suns prefer. Anderson will be taken by a team in the middle of the first round that wants a point-forward type like Boris Diaw. To me, he's a big Kendall Marshall with a better shot and five more inches of height.

The other guys are interesting, but not projected to be drafted at this point. They are summer league, D-League and training camp prospects for the most part.

Here is the full list of today's participants, along with their information:

Prospect Profiles:

Ryan McDonough

On the group

"It was like a Pac-12 All-Star game out there, with Kyle Anderson and Travis Wear, and Mike Moser passed through there as well. There was some good solid players, some good versatility. Some of the big guys we had could do some things on the perimeter as well. That's always good to see, when you can switch guys a little bit."

On Kyle Anderson's NBA position

"That's a good question. I think he's a basketball player. He's extremely skilled for his size, he's very long. He's got a unique passing ability and feel for the game that sets him apart. Offensively, he can play a number of positions. Defensively, he can guard wing guys early in his career.

On how fast/slow Anderson plays

"He plays a little slower (than the Suns prefer to play), but not everybody can lead the break. One of his skills he showed here today was to get the rebound and pass ahead, and let the wing players run under it. That's something I could easily see him doing."

On Anderson's shooting (which sets him apart from Kendall Marshall, for example)

"He shot it very well. He has a high release, which makes it very difficult to defend. He made the NBA threes."

On C.J. Fair's shooting/future

"He's solid (from behind the line). He made a living at the midrange. He might be able to play some stretch four, and the NBA three as well. That's a good question (whether he can guard in the NBA). He was a stretch four in college. He's strong enough and long enough to defend. Usually the on-ball defense comes first, then scheme comes next."

Jeff Hornacek

On Mike Moser:

He's in great shape. I don't think I saw him take a drink once. When I told the guys to get a drink, he'd go to the free throw line and shoot. He's the first guy we've had in here who pressed when we played three-on-three, he went full court.

Final notes

  • Coach Hornacek said the Suns will bring back some guys for second workouts over the next two weeks, to match them up with different guys. "There's usually 6, 8 or 10 guys you want to see again."
  • There is at least one more group workout, first timers, later this week but the Suns won't announce specifics until the day it happens. Stay tuned.

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