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Phoenix Suns Pre-Summer League practice notes on Goodwin, Plumlee and Longo

The Phoenix Suns held their final media session before heading off to Las Vegas to Summer League.

Because I know you guys love this stuff (as I would if I wasn't here), here are some random notes from the last media session before the Suns leave for Las Vegas Summer League:

  • Media are not allowed in until after practice is over, so we didn't see any drills. We just get to interviews guys as they come off the court.
  • While the SL coaching staff - Mike Longabardi and friends - huddled with Hornacek after practice, the Suns regular assistants stayed on the court working individual guys out.
  • Miles Plumlee was down on the other end of the court working on his midrange shots and... wait for it... hook shots. Assistant coach Mark West was running the drills.
  • Several of the Suns veterans - Alex Len, Archie Goodwin, Dionte Christmas - practiced free throws as a cool-down, with assistant coach Jerry Sichting working with them.
  • Nice to see the Suns regular assistants still in here teaching, even though they are not on the SL coaching staff.
  • Archie engaged coach Hornacek in another three-point shooting contest. Neither started very hot, but they both appeared to make more than half of their attempts. Hornacek's shot is a lot smoother than Archie's.
  • Afterward, Archie said he had an early lead on Horny in these games, but that Horny has caught up and now may be a "couple games ahead".
  • Archie still has a hitch in hit three-point shot, where he starts with the ball to the right of his head then moves it to center before releasing. That kind of motion appears to make it harder for him to develop consistency since there's so much movement before the release.
  • Still, Archie made a lot of shots.
  • Archie wants to show more of his all-around game in SL. Last year, he just mostly scored (because he could, so easily), but this year he wants to rebound and pass more.
  • When asked if the Summer Suns have an identity after a few days of practice, Archie said "not yet". Not that this is news or a surprise or anything, just thought I'd share his answer.
  • The Suns offense and defense is the same as the regular schemes, with just a couple new wrinkles from last season, according to Archie.
  • Tyler Ennis is really advanced on the offensive end, per coach Longabardi, so the remaining thing to watch is his defense. He played zone all last year, so it will be an adventure.
  • But then again, no one actually plays D in the SL.

The first Suns Summer League game is Saturday afternoon and will be shown on NBA TV. Our own Kellan Olson will be at SL this weekend and will post updates on the Suns and other teams throughout.

Oh by the way, has anyone tracked down LeBron's credit card receipts yet, or tapped his phone? You know the NSA knows exactly where LeBron is playing next year.

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