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P.J. Tucker Reportedly Agrees To Re-Sign With Phoenix Suns For Three Years

PJ Tucker will remain a Phoenix Sun

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Seemingly out of the blue, the Phoenix Suns have reportedly agreed to sign P.J. Tucker to a new contract...$16.5 million over a three year period.  The third year also apparently includes a non guaranteed $3.8 million as part of the deal.

Tucker had expressed his interest in staying with Phoenix, and it looks like both sides will be able to make it work in what seems to be a very reasonable deal for the Suns.

The deal has not been finalized yet, but all indications are that Tucker and the Suns have made an agreement.

Good for P.J...Great for Phoenix and the Suns' fans.

A win-win all around

No word yet if he intends to keep his word about playing for the Suns' Summer League team.

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