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Bright Side After Dark Episode 4: Phoenix Suns Bellwether

Bryan Gibberman, Brazilian soccer star Sreekar, and Scott Howard have come together to deliver a 4th edition of Bright Side After Dark. There were laughs, tears, bad jokes, and talk about the Phoenix Suns.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

We kept you waiting a whole 9 days from our last podcast - an offense for which you receive my most sincere apology. I'm kidding. But I do appreciate you listening to us yell at each other anyway!

On this episode of the BSAD - Steve's latest invention accidentally gives him the ability to read minds- thinking it will be a good thing & change the whole world- until the Winslows feel that their privacy is invaded- including Laura- when Steve learns she's been attracted to him. Meanwhile, Carl becomes a troop leader for Richie, 3J and the Junior Woodsmen.

OK that's an episode of Family Matters.  In reality, we close the book on LeBron James, say goodbye to Channing Frye, welcome Isaiah Thomas, and cheer the return of PJ Tucker.  For good measure we also talk about Summer League, make some ridiculous predictions, and watch Gibby shove his foot in his mouth.

But don't listen to me - take it from the fans:

Listen to us talk about sports and make fun of Gibberman right here:

We're also currently working on getting the podcast up on iTunes. If you'd like to listen on your phone for the time being, you can download the "Podomatic" app and subscribe to Bright Side After Dark.

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