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The Summer Suns beat the Sixers: T.J. Warren scores big in Vegas

The Phoenix Suns beat the Philadelphia 76ers in their third game of the Vegas Summer League. The Summer Suns finish the "regular season" with two wins and close loss. They face Minnesota on Wednesday at 1pm.

Photo by Bart Young/NBAE via Getty Images

Sorry guys. I'm pressed for time and really have nothing thoughtful to say about this game and certainly can't improve on Kellan's observations.

I'm just going to get out of the way and share these post-game quotes for people who matter far more than me to this team.

Longabardi on Ennis

"I feel very comfortable having the ball in his hands."

"He has that special ability people just don't have."

On Tyler Ennis' role

"If you're playing well, you're going to play and you're going to play in the end when it matters. He's just like everybody else competing for a spots and whoever shines is going to play."

On T.J. Warren

"The thing that they (76ers) did is they really pressured and when that happens he'd just attack and it worked in our favor."

"I'm sure he's put in countless number of hours working on his craft. He's got it down. That midrange. He's got a good instinct for the ball. Rebounds. He does really well in transition. We get the rebound and we can get out, and Miles (Plumlee) was great."

"He's good on the baseline, no question. I think his three-ball will come. He's just got to practice it and this is great for him."

"(Defensively) That's going to be an adjustment. But once we have practice times and more practices in a row without a game, I mean we really only had six practices, so it's tough. And once he gets a feel for these situations it will help him. But he's going all the work. We're watching film with him individually."

"That's what makes you a pro. You have to be able to play both ends of the floor."

On Archie Goodwin:

"Good. He's playing his game. He's being really aggressive driving the ball to the basket. He looks more comfortable. Tonight we got into a couple of bad situations where we got close to the sideline we tried to throw the ball across the court. You can't do that.

Do you worry about him hitting the floor so much?

"That's the way he is. I see where you're coming from but he's a rare one where he just attacks, attacks and he gets hit and gets right back up. That tells you how gritty and tough he is."

T.J. Warren on his 28-point game

"I got used to it (playing with stitches). At the beginning it was kind of tough but as I kept running it became a little bit easier for me to play with it."

"In the beginning I was kind of scared going in there but as I kept running, kept sweating I was like, whatever, let's just play ball."

"My teammates, they do a great job finding me in transition. We just run the floor very hard and just having a knack to finish in transition. In the halfcourt the ball just happens to fall around and I pick it up and put it back in."

"In college you could just finish through guys. Now at the next level it's different. So you just have to be more craftier and just try to find ways to put it back in the basket. I'm adjusting to it pretty well."

"It's a great opportunity to put on a Suns uniform and play in summer league. I'm enjoying it."

"I've worked very hard so (inaudible) and just staying aggressive really. Coach does a good job of getting me to run the floor hard and do a lot of little things to open myself up to score."

Was scoring natural for you as a kid?

"Just finding my sweet spots. I've always been able to finish in transition. So me just having great balance, body control, just being around the rim. This is a skill set that just came naturally."

"I'd say middle school just being able to be in the right position at the right time, using my body real well and just, like I said before, body control."

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