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Broussard: Phoenix Suns, Eric Bledsoe as much as $32 million apart

Phoenix Suns point guard Eric Bledsoe wants the whole enchilada, while the Phoenix Suns would rather stay with what the best PG on the market got this year. It's a standoff.

Rob Carr

Now we know, at least far as you can trust a report of this type, from Chris Broussard.


So, the Phoenix Suns want to sign Bledsoe to a contract just like proven veteran starter Kyle Lowry got two weeks ago as an unrestricted free agent. Twelve million per year.

Bledsoe, on the other hand, wants to break the bank with a nearly-full mini-max 5 year contract that averages $16 million per year. The $80 million is not quite the max that the Suns could offer. With a contract starting at $14.746 million (the mini-max for Bledsoe) with 7.5% raises over 5 years is actually $84.75 million. So there's that. He IS giving a discount. (numbers per

But clearly, no one besides the Suns can give Bledsoe all that so there's no competition at the $80 million mark. Yet, it appears that even a 4-year mini-max deal of $64 million with 4.5% raises isn't going to come from anyone in the NBA either. Only Philadelphia has that much money left, and Broussard says the Suns have rebuffed any sign-and-trade discussions to this point.

Not sure when this gets done. But I am sure this report is coming from Bledsoe's camp in an effort to get the Suns off the $12/yr number they've probably been sitting on for three months now.

The standoff continues.

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