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Phoenix Suns Podcast Episode 59: So many things, Channing Frye comments, Eric Bledsoe drama, Summer League, and more

We talked about things....

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This week Dave and Kris try to overcome the evils of technology with round two of the 59th episode of the Phoenix Suns Podcast. Did you catch all that?

In the episode we kick things off reviewing the comments and departure of Channing Frye from the two local interviews he did with the Arizona Republic and 620 Radio. Then we look at all the recent free-agency news from the Suns over the past week with Isaiah Thomas, Anthony Tolliver, and now the "32 Million Dollar" drama with the team and Eric Bledsoe.

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Sorry Sacramento Kings fans, but when the jokes are this easy they just happen. We did not intend for this. No Kings were hurt in the recording of this podcast... Well, maybe hurt feelings.

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