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Phoenix Suns trade rumor of Eric Bledsoe to Lakers for Julius Randle, Jordan Hill not in works

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I don't usually post rumors on here, but this one is intriguing and comes from an unlikely source who is not in the business of making stuff up.


Jon Bloom as a Suns broadcaster for KTAR, doing the postgame radio show and regular stints as a sub for the afternoon guys as well as features with Suns digital.

Bloom is not in the business of posting rumors, so this one caught my eye. In followup with Bloom, he is skeptical that a deal will get done but confirms that a person close to the situation is pushing for it. There is no indication that the source is a decision maker and I have been told by a league source that nothing is cooking there at all between the teams. This means that the idea has not gone as far as the Suns entertaining it.

The Suns have not indicated any interest in trading for Bledsoe, according to several media reports and my own investigation. The Suns would like to keep Bledsoe and agree to a contract in the coming days or weeks. They really like the 3-guard rotation of Bledsoe, Goran Dragic and Isaiah Thomas to keep them fresh and always give Hornacek two at his disposal.

I will tell you that the Suns own front office has said that they produce "a thousand ideas a day" during the summer, one of which turned out to be last summer's Bledsoe trade engineered by the Suns Assistant GM Trevor Buckstein.

All I'm saying is that it's very likely someone in the Laker front office is pushing for Bledsoe as Bloom says, but that it's just one of a thousand ideas they have bandied about to get a star.

Don't hold your breath, and don't scream at your monitor. This one's not cooking in any way, shape or form at this time.

Just wait till something actually breaks before investing any kind emotion into it. You will hear a lot of rumors, but almost none of them will come true.

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