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Bright Side After Dark Episode 5: Eric Bledsoe and Goodbye Ish Smith

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Scott Howard, Sreekar, and Bryan Gibberman return to deliver the wood anniversary edition of Bright Side After Dark. There's some discussion of Phoenix Suns basketball.

Christian Petersen

I can't believe we've done 5 of these either.  For the first time since our initial podcast we actually recorded this one after dark but we didn't want to post until morning in the US so we could make sure our European listeners had nothing to listen to on their way to work.

On this very special episode of BSAD, we talk about the Eric Bledsoe contract situation, discuss Greg Monroe twitter rumors, ponder Anthony Tolliver's old looking face, and wave a tearful goodbye to Ish Smith.  We also add a little hint of Shavlik Randolph while telling a series of bad jokes on subjects ranging from the Flintstones to apes on horseback shooting machine guns while jumping through fire.

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