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Bright Side After Dark Episode 6: Phoenix Suns July Doldrums

Here we are again, on our own. Going down all the dumb topics we've ever known. Bright Side After Dark - Episode 6. Catch the fever - its communicable

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Good afternoon! Good evening!  Good Morning!

I know you haven't had your fill of Scott Howard or Sreekar just just - and while you've almost certainly had your fill of the Grinchy Bryan Gibberman well hey I'm sorry and I'll do my best to make it up to you.

On this episode of Bright Side After Dark the guys talk about Sreekar's twitter recruitment of Eric Bledsoe (which leads to a delightful interactive game for all of you), the use of half-quotes to create unnecessary panic, which NBA teams had the best offseasons, our thoughts on the failure of the League of Nations, and a dramatic reading of How the McGrinch Cut Christmas.  There's definitely other stuff in there too but you've just got to listen and find out.

As per usual - here are a few listener testimonials for you:

If you want to hear Gibby mispronounce the word "queue" and play the interactive Sreekar Twitter game, listen here:

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