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How can we make Bright Side better for you? Help us help you with your feedback!

Hey, Bright Siders, time to live up to your moniker...

Here at Bright Side of the Sun we try to mix in a variety of things from news coverage, inside the locker room analysis, narrative, opinion, objective, entertainment, and more.

During the season we are at games, practices, and everything in-between providing you, our readers, with the best team coverage in the game. Thanks to you we are able to do the things we do, have a voice, and run this awesome website here through SB Nation.

Now we would like to ask you a simple question: What would you like us to start, continue, and stop doing on the site?

We produce two podcasts, have round table discussions, and so much more.

Who would you like to hear on these podcasts as future guests?

How do you like our social media accounts? Facebook and Twitter

What topics are we not hitting on that really interest you?

For anyone that has been in business or studied business the concept of Start, Stop, and Continue is a simple one that allows for self reflection through feedback. Help us help you help us help you... Right?

Throw your thoughts in the comments and I will log them all (so make me work) for future podcasts, round tables, and more on the site going forward. As always, we all here genuinely appreciate the community, comments, passion, and most of all loyalty from our Bright Siders!

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