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Stein: Milwaukee Bucks considering offer for Phoenix Suns RFA Eric Bledsoe

Looks like Eric Bledsoe has a suitor, but is it a suitor he wants?

Christian Petersen

According to Marc Stein of ESPN, we have our first big tire-kicking of Eric Bledsoe coming from Milwaukee.


It will be interesting to see how this one plays out. I can't imagine Bledsoe wanting to play in Milwaukee, but money talks louder than anything else.

The Suns will almost certainly match any Bledsoe offer, so don't start worrying about losing one of the Suns best players.

However, a signed offer sheet to either Suns RFA Tucker or Bledsoe could mess up the Suns desired timing. The Suns would like to re-sign Bledsoe and Tucker last, after any and all free agents and trades. Bledsoe's cap hold is currently $6.5 million while Tucker's is $2.8 million, but if either signs an offer sheet above that and the Suns match the offer, their cap hold is replaced by his new salary.

Speaking of P.J.

Tucker is apparently having a hard time getting an offer sheet.


Again, the Suns would like to re-sign these guys last, not first.

Let's hope the market really stays dry for them for another week or so, and then they get all the money they deserve (and the Suns match).

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