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Phoenix Suns draft pick Bogdan Bogdanovic won't come to NBA for at least two years

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I know he's this year's Archie Goodwin, where everyone is predicting his future NBA stardom. But to put it frankly, we need to see what happens to Archie before we see what Bogdan can do. They play the same position, and it would be difficult to develop them at the same time.

The Suns had three first round picks this year, after having two last year. With only five positions on a basketball court, it was inevitable the Suns would double-down on their developmental prospects in several places. This year, it was at the PG spot (Tyler Ennis), the SG spot (Bogdan Bogdanovic) and the SF/PF spot (T.J. Warren). The Suns were already doubled down on the center spot, with 2012 draft pick Miles Plumlee and 2013 pick Alex Len.

No room at the Inn

The Suns drafted the 21 year old Bogdan Bogdanovic with the express intention to have him play in Europe for another 1-2 years as he develops. There simply wouldn't be minutes for him in Phoenix this season, barring a major trade, and the Suns clearly thought he wasn't ready yet anyway.

It's better to have Bogdan develop in Europe and then come over to the NBA in a couple of years when he's ready to step right onto the court and contribute.

Many Euro players in the past have come over too soon and wasted their development on the end of an NBA bench when they could have played big minutes on a contender in Europe.

Two years in Fenerbahce

Now, it's appears that Bogdan has a great opportunity to play big minutes on a Euro contender.

Bogdan Bogdanovic signed a four-year deal with Fenerbahce, according to Ismail Senol.

The Serbian combo guard has a 2+1+1 contract with NBA out in 2016.

Partizan Belgrade will get around $1 million to shop Bogdanovic to the Turkish powerhouse.

Our Euro friends, like Javier Pastore and Pece and Jogi and others, will follow Bogdan through his time with Fenerbahce to give us the inside scoop on his development.

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