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BS of the Suns Podcast Episode 63: Robert Sarver is talking, Lon Babby is negotiating, and P.J. Tucker is suspended

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No animals were harmed in the making of this podcast...

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Podcast time again and this week we have some fun introducing in a new segment and talk all things Phoenix Suns as we enter the dog days of summer.

In this weeks podcast Kris, Jim , and Dave three-man weave their way through the busy time that is basketball in August. Robert Sarver is talking again, Lon Babby brings his skill-set as a former power agent to negotiations, P.J. Tucker's suspension is announced, and so much more.

Here is this weeks BS of the Suns Podcast: BS of the Suns Podcast Episode 63

To mix things up we went into overtime to talk about ESPN's Western Conference Forecast, Adrian Wojnarowski's comments on local radio about the Eric Bledsoe situation, and our favorite movies of the summer. There is a unique selection to choose from. Someone said Sex tape. Listen to find out who.

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