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WNBA Playoff Preview Podcast: Ann Meyers Drysdale and Nate Parham breaking it all down

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The BS of the Suns Podcast will back with more BS than ever next week, this week, the WNBA steps to the front of the room...

Christian Petersen

The WNBA Playoffs are starting up tonight with the Phoenix Mercury starting their series on Friday against the Los Angeles Sparks. Nate Parham from Swish Appeal joins me to preview the entire first round, talk WNBA Awards, and break it all down.

Suns VP, broadcaster, and basketball Hall of Famer Ann Meyers Drysdale then comes on to talk about all the events in the world of basketball currently including Becky Hammon, the WNBA Playoffs, and the Phoenix Mercury's historic season.

FULL Podcast Here: Mega WNBA Playoff Preview w/Ann Meyers Drysdale and Nate Parham


Nate Parham and I previewing the First Round: WNBA Playoff Preview Kris Habbas and Nate Parham

Ann Meyers Drysdale Interview: Ann Meyers Drysdale Interview

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